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Driving the Future of Tech PR

As a tech PR agency, we don't just keep up with technology; we're ahead of the curve. With over ten years dedicated to breathing life into tech brands, we tailor narratives that resonate in a constantly evolving digital landscape. Whether pioneering startups, expanding scale-ups, internationally recognised enterprises, or the tech influencers shaping the future, we are your strategic PR partner, both in the UK and across the globe.

Innovative Campaigns across Tech Niches

Some of our previous tech campaigns have covered areas such as:

· Cutting-edge AI: From machine learning to neural networks, we tell the human stories behind your artificial intelligence innovations.

· Dynamic Fintech: We demystify complex financial technologies, connecting them with the everyday lives of consumers and businesses.

· Explorative Travel Tech: In an industry about discovery, we ensure that your travel tech solutions are what the world discovers next.

· Resourceful Insurtech: With your intelligent insurance tech, we design messages that instil trust and drive engagement.

· Greener Sustainability Tech: Your commitment to a sustainable future is broadcasted loudly, aligning values with impactful storytelling.

· Evolving E-commerce: As the retail space grows, we ensure your e-commerce innovation stands out in the online marketplace.

· Retail Revolution: We amplify the narrative of your retail technology that changes the way we shop and sell.

· Health & Beauty Innovations: Your beauty tech isn't just seen; it's desired, with stories that captivate health and wellness audiences.

· Virtual Collaboration Communications: In a world working remotely, we connect your virtual tools with global teams.

· Business Automation: Your smart systems save time and money; our campaigns ensure they get the spotlight they deserve.


We pride ourselves on real results and invite you to explore our latest technology campaigns. From developing comprehensive PR strategies to content creation and securing awards, our work as a tech PR agency speaks volumes, like the case of MYT's accounting tools. Our campaign put them in the headlines of Forbes, Metro, Business Advice, TechRound, and many more, showcasing our ability to elevate tech brands into the limelight.


Public relations | Copywriting | Events & Awards

Sampage is a digital consultancy focused on transforming business through the strategic deployment of the right digital tools.  Working with startups, SMEs and public sector organisations, Samepage is dedicated to helping businesses to get the most out of technology.


 AmbitionPR was appointed by Samepage founder, Aidan Dunphy, to deliver a comprehensive PR campaign to raise brand awareness for the newly rebranded company.

Campaign highlights include:

Forbes, Business Chief, IT Pro Portal, Fintech Magazine, Start Your Business, Minutehack, Startups Magazine and Association of MBAs



John Michaelis is an angel investor and Board Advisor for early stage AI companies. AmbitionPR was commissioned by Panoma Press to conduct a book publicity campaign for Michael's latest book, You++

- How to be More Successful by Embracing AI.

Campaign highlights include:

Information Age, Supply Chain Brief, UK Tech News, Startups Magazine, Start Your Business, IT Pro and Fintech Times


Public Relations | Copywriting 

As the CEO of beauty-tech company GLITZ TOY, Velia is combining her proven skills in creative thinking and strategy, marketing and business development. 
AmbitionPR provided copywriting support for GLITZ TOY as well as personal PR consultancy for Velia, helping to position her as an up and coming female tech entrepreneur.


Public relations | Copywriting | Social Media |

Events & Awards

Joyned is a Social Commerce as a Service travel sector innovator, providing a collaborative, on-site group booking experience for customers. Initially founded in 2017 and Joyned launched ‘Joyned Booking’ in 2021 and has been rapidly growing, both in client and company size since then. 

AmbitionPR was appointed by Joyned, to deliver a comprehensive PR campaign to raise brand awareness, supported by content writing, social media management, award submissions and event opportunities.

Campaign highlights include: Travolution, Breaking Travel News, Travel News Hub, Travel Mole, Travel Daily News and

Travel Trade Today.


Public relations | Copywriting 

Pattern enables online travel, recreation and events companies to sell embedded insurance to increase customers' confidence and boosts revenue.


AmbitionPR was appointed by Pattern to deliver a comprehensive PR campaign to position Pattern as a leading innovator in their field. This was also supported by professional content writing.

Campaign highlights include: Phocuswire, Travolution, Insurance Edge, ITIJ, Smart Travel News, UK Travel News, Travel Daily News, Insurance Business and Insurance Post


Public relations | Copywriting

Resilinc is the leading global supply chain mapping and monitoring solution with 95% of the global supply chain mapped across the industries they serve - the greatest depth of data of any company in their field. Resilinc's innovative supply chain technology has forged the gold standard of supply chain resiliency worldwide with unmatched scope and success.


AmbitionPR was appointed by Resilinc to develop and deliver a targeted PR campaign across UK and Europe to establish Resilinc as leading experts in supply chain risk management.

Campaign highlights include: Business Leader, Procurement Magazine,International Trade Magazine, Supply Chain World, Supply Chain Digital, The Loadstar and Automotive World


Public relations | Copywriting 

Biomni was founded in 1999 to enable on-line procurement of IT goods for SPs and Enterprise. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, staying true to what they believe in and investing in their staff and their own IP. Biomni’s flagship product, Tenjin, has been designed to create virtual assistants for the business consumer. 


AmbitionPR was appointed by Biomni to conduct a comprehensive PR campaign to raise brand awareness and credibility for both Biomni and Tenjin.


Campaign highlights include: Forbes, Third Sector, TechRound, Charity Today, Training Journal, Accountancy Daily, ICAEW Insights, Information Age and TechInformed.


Public relations | Copywriting | Events & Awards

MYT accounting tools allow small businesses, freelancers and accountants to handle accounts easily and improve financial performance year on year


 AmbitionPR was appointed by MYT CEO, Oumesh Sauba, to deliver a comprehensive PR campaign coupled with content writing and award submissions.

Campaign highlights include:

Forbes, Metro, Business Advice, What Franchise, TechRound, IT Supply Chain, UK Tech News and Startups Magazine


Public relations | Copywriting | Events

Tapoly is an insurtech platform that offers on-demand insurance to freelancers, contractors, and SMEs, with a focus on the sharing and gig economy. 


AmbitionPR continues to work with Tapoly to raise the profile of the company founder, Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, as well as position Tapoly as the leading provider in their field.

Campaign highlights include:

Raconteur, First Voice, Information Age, Insurtech Insights, Forbes, FS Tech, Business Insider, Evening Standard and Insurance Post


Public relations | Copywriting | Events & Awards

Product Focus provide world-class training for technology-based products. The provide public training courses for product professionals, at all stages of their careers, and provide private training to support product teams across the world.


 AmbitionPR was appointed by Product Focus, to deliver a comprehensive PR campaign to raise brand awareness, supported by content writing, award submissions and event opportunities.

Campaign highlights include:

Retail Times, Technology Reseller, IT Supply Chain, UK Tech News, Industry Today, Total Tele, Retail Voices and Telecoms News


Public relations | Copywriting 

Clade is an industrial engineering company which manufactures, installs and connects heating and cooling assets to energy systems across the built environment.


 AmbitionPR was appointed by Growth Division to work on a PR campaign to raise brand awareness, credibility and visibility for Clade's heat pump division.

Campaign highlights include:

Forbes, Green Building, CLH, Eco-Business, Energy Manager Magazine, BDC Magazine and Construction Industry News



OpusXenta is a global technology provider to the death care sector with a presence across North America, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. They provide a complete solution through their comprehensive range of products and enable their customers to create operational excellence while also delivering amazing customer service.


AmbitionPR continues to support Opus Xenta on a variety of content requirements including whitepapers, blogs and thought-leadership articles.

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