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A leader’s guide to growing a thriving business
that makes the world a better place

Although most business leaders know they should be prioritising ‘green initiatives’, a recent survey revealed that a whopping 72% of top-level executives don’t know how to advance their sustainability efforts. This, coupled with the fact that most companies today generate little to no return on investment from their ‘green’ efforts, sustainability is increasingly becoming a pain-point for business leaders.

In his new book, Making Sustainability Profitable, Jasper Steinhausen turns the usual approach to sustainability on its head. Instead of looking for answers in complicated and siloed strategies, striving to meet performative targets or stressing over the responsibility of making a business “greener”, he explains to business leaders how sustainability should be seen as an opportunity to advance their business overall. The trick is to use sustainability to make new and better versions of their products, which are also “greener” rather than just trying to minimise the negative impact of the company.

Jasper Steinhausen is a business consultant specialising in making sustainability profitable for SMEs. In this new step-by-step guide, he draws from 15 years of in-depth knowledge and experience to explain how the circular economy can be used as a tool for creating business value.

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