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Welcoming our Summer interns

This summer, two new interns joined us to learn about the PR industry - we welcomed to the team Georgia and Catrin!

Catrin Hadaway - I've had a great time in my first couple of weeks in my internship position at Ambition PR. I was immediately given the opportunity to get stuck in and work with clients. Before I began, I was particularly eager to work on the publishing side of things because of my previous interest in books and journalism. This is also what motivated me to apply for this position, as I knew that I would have the chance to expand my knowledge on this field, and so far I have certainly had the chance to learn loads about the PR industry.

Georgia Challen - My first few days at Ambition PR have been really well-informed, I have already learnt so much. The team are all really kind and helpful! I wanted to do a PR internship due to the fact I am approaching my last year of my degree in Business management and marketing, I have always wanted to go into a career in marketing. I am excited to gain more knowledge in how public relations and social media management work in practice, I am looking forward to the rest of my time here.


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