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Team Ambition’s 2023 highlights - so far!

We’re already more than half way through 2023, and we thought it was the perfect time to take stock and look back on our favourite moments from the year so far. It’s always important for us to reflect on the things we’ve achieved so far this year, and what else we’re aiming for during the rest of the year.

Here’s what we’ve loved the most in 2023 so far:

I would say I am most proud of Janthana from our client Tapoly - Insurance On Tap winning the Innovator of the Year Award at the FinTech awards. It’s fantastic to see her achievements being celebrated on an industry scale as she is an insurance powerhouse - I look forward to seeing what she does next!

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy accepting her award for Innovator of the Year

I would definitely say my favourite moment of the year so far was attending the Business Book Awards. It was a brilliant evening with the team and it was fantastic to meet our authors and partners in person, listen to some fascinating speeches and celebrate all things business books!

Fay Austen

I’ve had several favourite parts of the year, but I’m going to say that one of my favourite bits of the year so far was going to The London Book Fair.

Sometimes when you’re just carrying out your everyday tasks, it can be difficult to remember just how big the UK book industry is. London Book Fair gave me the opportunity to see the massive scope of the UK and global book industry in person, and I had some great conversations while I was there. It was also the first time I was able to meet the wonderful Rethink Press team, and my first proper outing for a book since the pandemic eased. So there were lots of lovely experiences from those two days for me!

London Book Fair 2023

I would have to say securing a piece in The Guardian for 91-year-old Holocaust survivor Ivor Perl and the release of his book Chicken Soup Under The Tree. We were assigned a renowned journalist and photographer to tell Ivor’s story as part of their How We Survive series. It was a great feeling to reach a national audience to give Ivor and his incredible story the awareness he deserves.

Angie & Steve at the TravelTech show, and Steve with Dr. James Crosby from Advantage Utilities Ltd at the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference

Moving abroad and joining the Ambition PR team was one of the highlights of the year for me. But participating in the TravelTech Show deserves a special mention. It was a truly great experience to support our client Joyned, learn about the latest exciting travel solutions, and listen to some of the top industry leaders.

My biggest highlights of the year so far were attending the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition in Milton Keynes and the Travel Tech Show in London. I greatly enjoyed meeting my clients in person at both of these events where we discussed our strategies and successes within PR as well as our plans going forward.

Being able to meet new people across various sectors was also a highlight of attending and I look forward to future opportunities where I’ll continue to learn more about sustainability and innovative technologies.

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